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Pretty Little

Right after my daughter was born, I found myself calling her "pretty little baby" or "pretty little girl". Eventually all of the cute nicknames got shortened. I simply called her "Pretty Little". And you know what? That nickname fit! Not only is she pretty, but she's also pretty little! That's how I chose a name for this blog, and "Pretty Little" almost found it's way to my wrist in the form of a tattoo......
I'm Amanda, and this is my blog!

This is Elliott, and she's usually the inspiration behind most of my writing and photos!

I love my husband, Scott, very dearly, however he's quite camera shy. Here's a family photo, and I'll let you all decide who Elliott takes after more (hint: it changes on a weekly daily basis).

This blog is where you'll find writing about our daily life, complete with milestones big and small. I also post a lot of photos, and I love making bloggy friends and enjoy a good link-up every now and then. I hope you'll stick around and get to know us a little. Welcome to our Pretty Little Life!