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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Found My Favorite



Cloth Diaper, that is!! I've been cloth diapering my daughter for about 4 months now. Up until today, Flips by Cotton Babies have been my go-to diapers. They're fairly inexpensive, the baby-sitter likes them, and they are consistently leak- and poop-proof. I've purchased quite a few other diapers just to try new things, and I've found many that I like. I've found many all in ones and pocket diapers that work just fine, and I'm pretty proud of my little collection (ask any cloth diapering mamma, it is addicting, and sometimes it's more like a hobby than a necessity of raising babies).

However today I discovered a love for a diaper that I wish I had found months ago!!! Happy Heinys pocket diapers are my new favorites!! I had been drooling over the cow print one for a some time, and when my friend Melissa had a diaper party (more on those another day), I knew it was the perfect opportunity to splurge. You see, these diapers are not cheap. There are many brands of cloth diapers that will cost you a pretty penny, and normally those are the ones I steer clear of. This little hobby was supposed to be a money-saving adventure, afterall. But at this party I let go of my self control a little and bought the adorable cowmooflage diaper that I'm sure will make for some great blackmail pictures of my children when they're older. Well, Melissa gave me the diaper yesterday, and I was anxious to try it out. Most diapers need to be "prepped" once you get them. They should be washed AND dried up to 6 times before they are considered fully absorbent. Do you know how long of a process that can be?! I usually follow all the rules and go ahead with the washing, drying, and repeating. However little miss impatient over here couldn't be bothered to take on such a time consuming task this time. That cute cow print diaper was just begging to be worn. Well, I washed it once and dried it, and then it was time for a test drive.

We were staying home for the afternoon, and I was fully prepared for major leakage (I've experienced that before with other diapers, when I only washed and dried them, say, 4 times). Much to my pleasant surprise, three hours flew by and NO leaks!!! I actually kind of forgot about our little test diaper, and so when I went to change Elliott at our usual time, I saw those adorable cow spots through her onesie and I was reminded. I am so happy with this diaper!! It was pricey, but I could tell just out of the wrapper that it is a quality product. It's just made well, is soft, absorbent, and has generous sizing. Every baby fits diapers differently, but I can see Happy Heinys fitting my little gal for a long time. Now, how in the world am I going to convince Scott that we need to stock up on these $20 a piece diapers?!?!

That's all for today, but here's a picture of my adorable daughter, since I just can't resist. We had a nice, relaxing Sunday at home. Elliott was being super fussy today (teething?!?!), but when I put this laundry hamper over her for just a minute, she got the biggest grin on her face! She played under there for quite a while.......too funny!!



Maelen said...

I am glad you started this, I like reading blogs. And I love this pic of Elliott, so neat!

melissa d. said...

yea, welcome to the blogging world ;)

dang those pricey diapers being the best-i totally understand though!

christie said...

love this blog...i'm a follower.. we love you

uwmomma said...

I thought it would be fun :) But holy cow, I have a lot to learn!! How do I follow other people's blogs?