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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Wednesday

Alrighty, I'm tryin' to keep up with a goal I set for myself a couple of weeks ago: to post every wednesday about something I did, made, etc. Something DIY, if you will. I might have missed a Wednesday or two, but I'm back :)

This week's DIY? Baby food! I've made most of Elliott's baby food ever since she started solids. The only food I have bought for her is rice cereal and yogurt, and I have been given a couple jars of Gerber stuff that we use sometimes when we're out and about. Otherwise, she gets fresh fruits and veggies that I cook, blend, and freeze for her. It's a whole lot easier than I thought it would be, and it makes me feel like I'm doing something good for her :) This time, I stocked up on vegetables and fruit at COSTCO!! Talk about buying stuff in bulk!! I knew it would be a big marathon, baby-food-making chore, but I wanted to do it this way. I figured if I bought stuff in Costco-sized portions, this very well may be the last time I have to make a big batch like this.

Here's what we started with: pears, peaches, bananas, squash, peas, and sweet potatos. I cheated a little with the squash and the frozen peas, but hey, I would do it again! That pre-cut squash was a cinch to cook up and blend!! And the frozen peas? I kept some out, and they make a great, quick and easy finger food for Ellie now!

Here's the finished product! I am serious about this being the last time I will need to make baby food! (sad, but not so sad at the same time, you know?) There was enough here to stock my freezer, the babysitter's freezer, and my mom's freezer. And Elliott is eating more and more finger foods, yogurts, cheeses, and "table foods" that this stash should last us until she's a year old :)

It took hours of baking, blending, and freezing (mostly because of lack of space, cooking utensils, and ice cube trays), but it was so worth it. Making your own baby food is such a simple way to cut down on costs, and do something healthy for your baby at the same time. It's been a good experience, and I look forward to making Elliott's food through every stage of baby-, toddler-, and child-hood! (this coming from the girl who cooks maybe twice a week!! It's always good to have goals, right?!)


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JonasAxel said...

you are amazing! its amazing and she's such a happy and healthy little girl because of all your hard work.