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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apple Cup

Elliott has one thing to say today......
Today is the infamous Apple Cup....The 100+ year tradition in football....the state rivals battle it out.....

And we're rooting for the Huskies! We are Husky fans through and through, as you can see from this picture :) I'm an Alumnus, and Scott is a student, so we must represent! UW sports have been a little questionable in the past few years though, so I'm really crossing my fingers for today!

This weekend has been eventful already, and it's only just begun! Yesterday Elliott and I got to tag along on an awesome baby party/mommy blogger meetup! I say we "tagged along" because my good friend Melissa invited us, and the girls we met were her friends to begin with. But, they're such a lovely group of ladies that I hope we get to see them more often! All the babies were so cute together, and it was refreshing to be with other mommies! The roster included Melissa, Stella, and Rowan....Mandy and Bennett.....Jill and Corbin....and Amy and Parker 

Next up was the Baby Burrito challenge!! I loooove my friends from work, and all the crazy ideas they come up with! We're always doing something fun, and I consider this group to be some of my closest friends! We were missing a couple people today, but we went ahead with our plan anyway.....a plan to stuff ourselves silly! Our most current theme of our get-togethers seems to be food challenges. Today's challenge was the Baby Burrito at Gordito's. Okay, so the restaurant doesn't call it the Baby Burrito (but it has been compared to the size of a newborn baby), and they do not have an official "challenge", but what can we say? We are pioneers. We had three teams participating: David, Beth and Jennifer, and Christie and myself. Here are us girls and our burritos:

Jennifer and Beth 

Me and Christie

Do you see how big this thing is?!?!

Ellie and Gabe sittin' in a tree....

In the end, I suppose Beth and Jennifer won....but Christie and I put up a good fight! (okay, okay so Christie put up a good fight....I got flack for how little I ate, but in my defense I really dislike burritos!!) I think from now on I will stick to taking pictures of the food challenges, rather than participating :) But, as usual, I cannot wait until our next event with these friends!!

And like I said, the weekend isn't even over yet! Elliott and I (and maybe, hopefully Scott) are headed out this evening to the Lights of Christmas, and I'm so very excited! I love this place, and I haven't gotten to go the last couple of years! We will wander around, listen to carolers, drink hot cocoa, and see the huge light displays! And tomorrow will bring more adventures....either Ikea or visiting a friend's new house, and probably attending my brother's church with family! Gosh, going back to work on monday is going to be tough after a weekend like this!!



JonasAxel said...

i love you even though you're a nibbler! we'll make monday at work just as fun

jill said...

im so happy you come to these baby get togethers! and whenever its over i always wish i would have talked to you more but in the moment its always such...chaos! haha and i love seeing little ellie. she is so adorable! you food challenge things sound fun! those burritos are HUGE! i once ate ten mcdonalds hamburgers in high school! BARF!