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Monday, December 13, 2010

We Saw Santa!!

Seriously, I was so excited about was a little ridiculous. I was like a little kid! Elliott had no idea what was going on, but I didn't care. This is our new tradition. Period.  :)

I have no memories of taking pictures with Santa as a child, and it's just something that I decided we are going to do with our kids! I think it's fun, and to be able to look back at these pictures every year will bring back such happy memories. So, consider this year one of our new tradition!!


My sweet little bug and Santa :) This makes me happy! She was totally unimpressed (as usual), but at least she wasn't screaming (although I find screaming-baby-with-Santa photos to be adorable)! Santa was even more perfect than I had imagined! He was so super sweet! He talked quietly to Ellie until she seemed comfortable with him, then I sat her on his lap, and he held onto her little hand the whole time! I think the picture that they are going to print for us will be of the two of them looking at each sweet!!

This was just another part of our fun family day last week, and this is a photo that we will bring out and reminisce over every year at this time.



jill said...

wow ellie. im very impressed. also? how cute is her dress!!! where is this santa at?

uwmomma said...

This is the Santa at Nordstrom in Bellevue Square Mall. I love the dress too! My mom had it picked out 6 months ago!!

Summer and Eric said...

She's so cute! I find screaming Santa pictures to be adorable too. Maybe next year.......

melissa d. said...

i called nordy's today and found out that it won't be a real beard santa when we come on monday. i am so jealous!

haha, and ellie looks so cute! i am glad she did good :)