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Friday, January 7, 2011

Boon Spoon.....

I was just innocently browsing Target the other day, a very typical day, when I came across this:

The Boon Squirt, Baby Food Dispensing Spoon. I affectionately call it the Boon Spoon. This little plastic device is ahhhhmazing!!

You fill the soft end with baby food, screw on the spoon, and voila! You have food and a spoon, all in one! A little squeeze dispenses the food right onto the spoon, and then into baby's mouth it goes!! No mess, no lids, no tupperware containers.....and the best part?! There's a cap, so that you can store any uneaten food right there in the spoon!!

I'm seriously wondering why and how I didn't hear about this oh, say, 7 months ago when we started feeding Ellie solids.....I think that if any of my mommy friends knew about this amazing invention and didn't tell me, they've definitely been holding out on me!

Elliott eats from this spoon even better than she does with a regular baby spoon.....I don't know, maybe because it's new, but she seems to eat more from the Boon Spoon! We are always on the go, and this thing is my new best friend!! I just load it with food, put the cap on, and toss it in the diaper bag. I don't have to worry about packing a dish and a spoon, and then dealing with a dirty spoon and dish after a meal!

I'm really sorry that I didn't find this sooner (and that Target only carries the orange comes in all sorts of fun colors!!!) because our baby-food days are numbered. But, I think I will buy one or two more, and use them until I can't possibly use them anymore, and then pack them away for baby #2 in a couple of years.

I know, it's a little silly to get so excited about a spoon....but I just had to share! I really hope some of you will understand my enthusiasm,'re welcome :)

Oh, and because I'm awesome and just introduced you to the Boon Spoon, could you spare a second to vote?! Thanks!!
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Mandy said...

No you aren't silly. This thing looks amazing!!! I swear I didn't know about it, if I did-- I would have shared the wonderfulness of it! I want one.

uwmomma said...

I'm glad you share my excitement :) they're on clearance at Target for just a few dollars!!