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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

I'll post about Elliott's birthday party tomorrow (or the next day) because I'm a little under the weather right now, and this post is so much easier. Happy Sunday to you all, and I will leave you with some pictures of our week......

1. Ellie played with this toy all week's a $2 toy from WalMart, and she just loves it! Scott was getting so annoyed at hearing the same songs over and over again.
2. Sick baby all week = lots of tylenol!
3. Helping daddy hang up birthday decorations!!
4. It was sunny and non-rainy on Wednesday, so Elliott got to dress up a little :)
5. and 6. Trying on bathing suits to make sure they still fit! We signed Elliott up for swimming lessons, and thankfully her suit from this summer still fits her! She was much happier in the water, I promise!
7. My birthday baby, all covered in frosting!
8. The party's over! Elliott got all tangled up in some balloons and wandered around the empty kitchen.

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2 comments: said...

the bathing suit pics are too cute! she looks like my little man looks when you first put him in the carseat... wayyyy happier once the car is in motion. :)

TryItMom said...

That cake pic is priceless! I can't wait to read about the party :)