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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sooo Crazy!!

You know what is so crazy?! I sat on my couch in wonder last night, watching my baby girl walk, talk, and sign words. Things that, just a few weeks ago, she couldn't do. I just couldn't get over how quickly she picks this stuff up. I mean, I know it's not just her.....all babies seemingly learn new skills overnight. But when it's your kid, it just amazes you! I really can't get over it.

Seriously. Walking! She's been walking (like a drunken sailor) for a couple of weeks off and on. But this weekend, all of a sudden, she walks like a pro. She can also now stand up all on her own and more finding something to push herself up on first. These skills literally develop ovenight!

Ellie now has a better understanding of her world.....she will pick up a shoe, and try to put it on her foot. If you give her a hat, she puts it on her head (kind of). I've read about these kind of milestones, and before I would wonder if she would ever get there. Now, I sit and watch her do these things and wonder how and when she learned that?!
She's got a phone in her left hand, holding it up to her ear!

She has also been attempting and saying words! She has said "mama", "dada", "buzz buzz", "puppy". She now can sign "please" and "more". It seems like it's a new or different word each day, and every time I scream "YAY!!" and giggle and tear up a little.

In college, we learned about a theory of language acquisition that used a window as a kind of metaphor. There are specific times in a young child's life (could be different for each child, but in the same general timeframe) where language acquisition is easy and a window is open, and the child can take it all in. After some time, the window closes. Language can still be learned, but it is more difficult, and doesn't come as naturally. Now that I have a young child of my own, I'm even more convinced of this theory, and I know that right now Ellie's window is open. Wide open! I'm going to take advantage of this time and really explore with her. Say lots of words, read lots of books, and encourage her. Really, all of this comes pretty naturally to me, as well (as I think it does with most mothers. we just know). God's design is pretty amazing, isn't it?

Do you want to know what else is crazy? This day last year was my due date!! Crazy that I went a whopping 12 days past my due date!!!! And it's also crazy to think that at this time last year Ellie wasn't even here yet! (well, she was in my belly, but you get my point!) To go from no baby at all to a baby that walks, talks, and eats real food in a year's time is just mind-blowing!!

Happy Monday to you all! Could you spare a second to vote?! What's also crazy is that we started at the very bottom of the heap, and we're already on the 10h page!! Keep voting, and we keep moving on up :)

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