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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Keep Swimming.....

I signed Ellie up for swimming lessons a few weeks ago, and I'm so glad that I did! There are many activities and play groups that I would love for her to participate in, but most are just not in our budget. Thankfully these swimming lessons are so decently priced!

The first week Elliott was a little timid and basically clung to me for dear life! But since then, she's really loosened up a little and enjoys our 30 minutes in the water every Saturday morning. And, well, I enjoy it, too!

Yes, they end class each week by "jumping into the pool".......this is more like me pulling E off the edge, and down into the water.

I thought that I would have a hard time squeezing myself into a bathing suit and parading around our local pool, but that's really not so tough when I see how much fun Elliott is having in the water. I also get a workout in while we have our see, the pool is 4'8" deep and I am a mere 5'2" tall. I have to stand on my tippy tippy toes the entire time otherwise my hair will get wet. While this may sound a little vain, let me tell you, it's quite the calf workout! Then there's the songs where we must bounce our babies all over the pool and up and down.....great for the arms.

 We splash, sing songs, pour water from a watering can, and practice floating on our tummy and back. She may not be doing the breast-stroke just yet, but I love that Elliott gets to learn to be relaxed and comfortable in the water. This way, when she's old enough, learning to swim should be easy-peasy.

Can we get a vote?! Click on the brown link below, and then on the new page click on the green words near the top of the page. That's all it takes! (And, I just showed you pictures of me in my bathing suit, I think we deserve a vote every day, don't you?!)


1 comment:

Ashley said...

I never thought about doing swimming lessons for Adelynn...but maybe I should look into them. Great idea and I am glad that you guys are enjoying them.