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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

Today has been a great Saturday. It's rainy, and well, there's only so many ways to make a rainy Saturday a good one. So far, Scott and I have tag-teamed cleaning both bathrooms, the kitchen, vacumming, starting laundry, and just plain cleaning the house. We also made a trip to Target for some necessities and stopped for lunch. Now Elliott is napping and I'm thinking about how great it feels to have a clean house (finally) and how I'm going to stay cozy and warm all afternoon while I finally get some scrap-booking done!

Now you've heard about my Saturday, but what about the rest of the week?
Well, here you have it, cell phone picture-style :)


Monday Mr. Sun made an appearance, so we went outside for a walk before work. Ellie loves to just be outside, but I had an agenda. I made Ellie practice holding my hand! Sounds silly, but this girl hates holding a hand, and for safety reasons she needs to get used to it! She actually did pretty well after a few minutes of screaming :) Also, she played with some ice while I got ready for work. We do this almost everyday I fill my water bottle with ice and water before we leave the house, sometimes a piece of ice drops to the ground. Ellie isn't far away, just waiting for that ice to fall. Then she's all over it. She plays with it, sucks on it, and chases it all around the kitchen floor.

Here's a pic of Ellie's bed head....poor girl has got a monstrous cow-lick, and it doesn't take much to make her hair stick staight out like this! Also, she's hooked on this birthday cake toy, and I'm trying to teach her to blow out the candles!


Scott and Ellie wrestled while I attempted to make chicken wings.....they turned out fine, but Scott pointed out that I bought the wrong kind of "wings" (obviously), and the coating was wayyyy to hot for my taste! It made for a fun dinner, anyways!

I took Elliott to a gym in Mukilteo called Gymagine. I've really been wanting to take her some place like Gymboree or Little Gym, but it's just not in our budget right now. Gymagine, however, is much more reasonable and has some better class options for Ellie's age group. Also, it's a full on Gym, with all the bars, balance beams, and foam pits any little gymnast would love! Ellie took to it right away, and wasn't shy about exploring the trampolines, padded ramps, and springy floors. I think this will be a weekly activity for us!

After gym time we headed over to my brother's house. I often go there on week nights to visit my sister-in-law, and to let the kiddies hang out. Here's Zoe with her safe spot on Auntie's lap, and Zander and Ellie being crazy, as usual!
Friday night we headed out to have dinner with Katie and Chase. We thought we'd stop at our new favorite gym first (they have FREE open gym time Friday evening), but some little girl fell asleep in the back seat. Hmmmm. So I had fun taking pictures of her little bare feet. When we finally did sit down for dinner, Ellie spent most of her time playing with Chase. Typical.

I'm off to soak up the rest of this weekend! I hope you're all having a great weekend too!
And, if you want to link up, head over to Amy's blog and start posting your cell phone pics!



Wendy said...

That gymagine place sounds like a lot of fun! Also, I love the name Elliott for a girl. :)

steph said...

I love all your pictures :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't actually live in Washington but in Idaho-right on the border.