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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vloggin' Vednesday (2)

Welcome to another edition of Vloggin' Vednesday!!
I don't know if I'm a little obsessed with myself or what, but I'm kinda getting used to this whole 'being in front of the camera' thing! Anybody else feeling that way?
I don't know, I guess I'm just realizing that seeing myself on camera isn't that bad, and I think getting to see everyone else's vlogs is so much fun!
If you haven't tried this yet, you should!
Head on over to Adeline's Daddy, and learn more about the weekly prompts.
Then it's!!
Vloggin' Vednesdays

(Sorry, both of these videos are a little long! I guess I'm just having too much fun with this VLOG stuff!!)

Okay, a couple things about this video.....
1. I'm sorry it's so "in your face"! I was holding the camera myself (obviously). Next week maybe I'll try using the tripod?!

2. Yes, there are cupcakes and Easter candy on my countertop while I show you all how I'm going to try "Clean Eating". It's something I'm trying, and the cupcakes and candy might be exactly why I need to try something different :)

3. And yes, those yellow and black things hanging from the ceiling would be decorations from Elliott's birthday party.....2 months ago!!! I'm trying to convince the hubs to take them down at this very moment.

And because Ellie was napping while I was talking, I thought I'd share a little video of her, too! (I think everything is more fun with a baby!!) She's pretty shy and boring in this video, but she had just woken up from her nap. I still think she's awesome :)

I can't wait to check out all the other vlogs today!
Happy Vednesday :)

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Ashley said...

No more Fred Meyer??? That is the only place I grocery shop (besides Costco of course).

I, like you, didnt grow up eating the healthiest. That is something that I have struggled with for many, many years. Luckily, my husband grew up the opposite of me. However, when you have kids, what is convenient seems to become the norm. I have never heard of clean eating, but we have been making some changes in our diet...Sorry this comment is such a story! lol If you would like to know what we are doing here, I would love to e-mail you about it. You won't have to stop shopping at Fred Meyers!

I might give this Vloggin Vednesdays a try one week!

Wendy said...

You guys are so cute! I've also considered clean eating, but I've got a killer sweet tooth. Love the vlog!

Holly - Holly Days said...

I think clean eating has been on a lot of Mama's minds. We are also thinking about giving it a go. =]

Loved your vlogs!