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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics

I didn't take a whole ton of pictures this week because, well, there just wasn't that much goin' on around here! It was a great week, just nothing super duper exciting.

We went on our first Family Fun Run!! You can read about it here. Monday was the only night we ran this week, but Scott made it out in the rain one other night without Ellie and I. We're hoping to make this a 3-times-weekly event!

Ellie and I got up for the day, and I realized that not only were we both wearing Christmas pajamas (in Spring), but our PJ's were and green :)

Late night dinners happen often around here.....Scott is in class until 8:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday I couldn't wait for him to get home.....I dug in around 7:50!

Potty-training Practice outfit at it's finest. And, I bought Ellie the cutest mini Nalgene water bottle. I wasn't sure she would be able to drink from it, but she figured it out pretty quickly.

DIY shaker toy.

I spent my evening with these three adorable little kiddos. I don't even want to think about the kind of trouble these little ones are going to cause come summer when all THREE of them are walking running all over the place!

Friday we were lucky enough to have another play date with Melissa, Stella, Amanda, and Reese! I was feeling lazy so I didn't even bring a camera with me, and my iPhone is so not capable of catching these three lovelies in the same frame!

Ending the week on a splashy note.....bathtime is always our favorite :)

Want to join in the fun?! Head on over and check out A Good Life and then link up any cell phone pictures you took this week! Do it! It's fun :)



AmyLee said...

we have the same little nalgene bottle for parker! i haven't tried it out yet with him though. looks like a fun week :)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

That bathtime photo is just too cute!!