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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Blogtastic, Runnerific, Ho-Down of a Weekend!

Yep, that's right. My weekend consisted of the following: Blog friends (old and new) walking for babies, a wild and crazy bull-riding date night, running my tooshie off in a 5k race (in order to get a free doughnut), and a family BBQ that was long-overdue.

Let's start with the Bloggers for Babies, shall we? This delightful group of blogging mommies from around the Pacific Northwest was brought together by Mandy, from Harper's Happenings. I met her for the first time on Saturday, and yes, she is just as cool and sweet and friendly as she sounds on her blog :) Anyhoo....she brought us all together to raise money and then walk together, to help support the March of Dimes in their quest to help pregnant mothers give birth to full term babies and to give babies born pre-mature a fighting chance. Our group raised over $2400 collectively, and the coordinator from the March of Dimes took note and stopped by to thank us personally for our efforts. Pretty cool if you ask me!

I love this photo. The mamarazzi!!

The walk was early Saturday morning in downtown Tacoma. The mommy bloggers and babies gathered before the event, and then marched together for over 4 miles.....chatting and huffing and puffing as we pushed our babes in their strollers. I met some really lovely ladies through this group, and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of something so special! I will definitely be participating again next year! Thank you to those of you who donated! Please stop in and say Hi to some of these lovely ladies that I met (they all took better pictures than I did, too, so check our their photos from the walk!):

After the walk, I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick nap, and then it was time for a double date! Elliott hung out with my parents while Scott and I trekked down to Seattle with our good friends Katie and Chase. The main event was PBR (professional bull riding, duh) and let me tell was SO fun! The main clown/emcee was HIlarious! He danced, he teased his co-workers, and he made fun of people in the was like a stand-up comedy. Oh, and there were also bulls. And cowboys. It was just such a great experience, and it was fun to do something different! Of course we had to stop at Dick's afterwards for a little treat. And of course I didn't take any pictures the entire night. Fail.

Sunday morning came far too early, and all I really wanted to do was sleep in. But, silly me completely overdid it this weekend. I committed to way too much....but then again, they were all fun things and I just couldn't say no!
Sunday was my friend Christie's birthday, and in order to celebrate we decided to run a 5k. Sounds fun, huh? It was actually really fun, and the motivation behind this was also fun: Doughnuts!! That's right, the famous Top Pot Doughnuts sponsored this "Doughnut Dash" and every participant would walk away with a free T-shirt, and of course a doughnut! It just sounded like too much fun, so we were there bright and early. And, the day couldn't have been any more beautiful! We walked/jogged/ran around the gorgeous Green Lake park in Seattle, soaking up every last bit of sunshine, and when we finally finished the 3.5 miles.....we indulged in yummy doughnuts! My friend Reina and I ran together the whole time. Neither of us had really trained much for this race, so I was so pleased with our time of 36:41. Not bad at all :) I was feeling it when the race was legs were sore and stiff (umm, remember the 4 mile walk I did on Saturday.....yeah I may have overdone it this weekend. oh well.) Today, however, I feel pretty good! And I'm so proud of myself that I may just keep up with this running thing!

Finally, Sunday evening I got to just sit and a BBQ! Scott's family all got together, and it was the perfect day for a BBQ! Almost all of his siblings and their families made it out, and we had a blast watching the kids and the dogs (I think there's almost as many grand-dogs as there are grandkids now!) play in the yard. We took family photos (which I was completely unprepared for...whoops!) and ate yummy food. It was a perfect way to end a busy weekend, and to take advantage of the one gorgeously sunny day!
You'd think it was summer by the way we stripped poor Ellie down and gave her a popsicle.....that's how we do in the PNW!
Uncle Adam snuggling with Elliott and Michael
I'm still recovering from this long, busy, fun weekend.
My feet hurt a little, and my diet suffered greatly, but I think my house suffered the worst of all! I'll probably be catching up on laundry all week, in the midst of making scrapbooks and cards, and working. It was worth it, though. I like to live life and take advantage of every moment....this weekend I can surely say that that's what I did :)

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Maelen said...

Adam was so excited he made your blog! : )

uwmomma said...

I just love this picture of him and the kiddos! I wish I had used by good camera though! Oh's still so sweet :)

AmyLee said...

march of dimes looks like it was amazing... wish i coulda done it w/ you guys!

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