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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation Part 2: The Redwoods

First off, let's address the elephant in the room, shall we?!
How much do you love my little bloggy makeover?! I know, I'm pretty much in love!!
Jess, over at Here Comes the Sun, has a hidden talent, and it happens to be blog design! I love her work, and her prices are pretty amazing, too! Thanks Jess!! And if you're looking for a fun, fresh new face for your blog, go check her out now!

Now, on to part duex of this little California vacation! After the beach, we stopped for a walk through the redwood forest.
Ellie was pretty calm the whole time, which was a nice change from her over-the-top-cranky-clingy-fest she had going on last week.
I think she enjoyed the cool, quiet, calmness that the forest had, as did we all!

We walked in almost silence, just gazing at the lush green life, and tilting our heads back trying to catch a glimpse of the top of the trees. It's impossible, you know, to see the top of those suckers!

My grandma kept exclaiming over and over again how much she loves those trees.....and by the end of our short little hike, I was saying it right along with her!



Wendy said...

Love the new design! The banner is so so cute. And those redwoods are amazing. I'd love to see them someday.

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