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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Two Monkeys

We had a really fun Father's Day yesterday if I do say so myself!
Quite a while ago, Scott had asked to go to the zoo for Father's Day.
So that's exactly what we did!

My parents were able to go with us, and I'm so glad! It is always fun to watch them interact with Ellie one on one, even if we miss the rest of our family when they aren't able to tag along. Our friends Melissa and Tim came too, with sweet little Stella.

We took our time, visited the animals we wanted to, and skipped the ones we didn't care to see :)
My dad and I stopped along the way to talk f-stops and shutter speed, and Ellie even took a nap in her stroller (read: miracle)!
Overall, it was a really fun time. We ended up with a year-long membership to the zoo, so this definitely won't be our last visit this summer!

While my dad and I were honing our photog skills on the animals, I was intent on capturing a couple family pictures, as well as at least one good photo of Scott and Ellie together. Neither of these happen often.
The family pics will come later, but here are some super cute moments I caught of Scott and Ellie, my two loves!

Scott, I hope you had a fun Father's Day!
I know I did. Watching you and Ellie together melts my heart. I love you both so very much!

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Barbara said...

Awe I'm so happy you all had a great dad's day! The pictures are adorable :)

AmyLee said...

oh my gosh what a perfect idea for father's day! i love that you guys went to the zoo.

nicole. said...

what nationality is your husband? your daughter is a beautiful combination of the both of you.