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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dirty

Last weekend, I did something I never thought that I would do!
I did the Warrior Dash.
A 3.55 mile run, sprinkled with boot-camp-esque obstacles.
In the mud.

 We dubbed ourselves Team Pansy, and completed the look with handmade tutus, headbands, and T-shirts!

Mike, Beth, Reina, Jennifer, Elliott, and I....all in our tutus!!
(Scott raced with us, but he wasn't in the picture-taking mood before the race)

I have to say, the combination of running, obstacles, and mud can really wear you out! (oh, and the fact that I'm completely out of shape didn't help the situation either)
I felt like I was running through sand.....and that was before I even hit the mud pit!
When it came to obstacles, I pretty much earned the right to be on Team Pansy, if you get my drift.
Our group survived and lived on to become's the proof, in photos!

 This one gets me every time.....Jennifer is leading the pack with a smile on her face....then there's Scott drenched in sweat and recovering from a shoe-stuck-in-the-mud incident, and me looking like I'm about to die bringing up the rear.

 It gets worse. Here I am, literally having a panic attack at the top of the cargo net. Thank the Lord that Beth was there to talk me down!

I'm proud to call these two kick-ace girls my friends! I love how they're both holding onto their tutus!! This fire was serious business! I jumped over the first fire pit, but skipped the second one (where this photo was taken)

 This picture pretty much says everything there is to say about the mud pit. It was like quicksand, no joke!

 We were SO proud of finishing!

 Seriously, could the men look any more forlorn?!


 Scott was not amused by all of the running he had to endure.


This was just one of the large piles of shoes that were donated to a good cause. I don't know what that cause was, but I know that we could leave our muddy shoes behind and they would be washed up and donated! Sweet!

I was sick to my stomach and jittery going into it......but this race was SO much fun!
I have to thank my friends at work for supporting me throughout the race.......I think we will definitely be participating again next year!

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amy@agoodlife said...

i am beyond impressed that you did this! i had a lot of friends doing it & i was like hhhheeeck no! but maybe i will be suckered into it next year. it looks like a blast!

Stasha said...

looks like super duper fun. And for a good cause. Imagine those washing machines to clean them sneakers...

Heidi said...

Awesome pictures-I love the tutus! I had heard people talking about doing this and I knew that they got muddy and wore cute costumes.. I didn't know that there were obstacles besides going through a mudpit... FIRE? Whoaaaa....

Jean said...

this looks like so much fun! love your outfits!!

Beth said...

Awesome, your my hero!

em said...

Wow..that looks like fun and painful at the same time. Good job at crossing the finish line!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Amazing. Always wanted to do one of those obstacle courses in the mud!

nat said...

OMG, I've always wanted to do a Warrior Dash but they're never in any cities that I live close to. :( Looks like you had so much fun- maybe I'll have to travel out my my way next year to try it!

Raegan is my world said...

How fun. Great job

Kacie said...

Looks like so much fun! Way to go!

New follower from the wordless wednesday blog hop.

Taylor Adams ♥ said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I wish we had something like that around here :(

Kiara Buechler said...

Oh my gosh, those photos are great! I might do the Dash next year, but in the mean time am happy doing my nice, clean, mud-free 5k's :-)

Kiara Buechler said...

BTW, the t-shirts, headbands, and most of all the tutus are awesome!

Gypsy Lane Designs said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN! I did a couple of races- deciding to run them was one of the best things I've ever done! I did the Rock N Roll Half Marathon and it was a blast, but I think this race looks positively amazing!