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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 2

Happy Wednesday!
Today feels like Friday to me because, well, it is my Friday!
I'm leaving on a camping adventure tomorrow, and I'm so excited!
It's the only real "vacation" I've gotten to take the last few years,
and I look forward to it every summer now!
But before I leave, we have a weigh-in to address, now don't we?!

Here's the run-down:
Each week I'm going to share with you my ups and downs from the current week, my current weight and any other progress notes, and some words of wisdom.
Then, it's your turn to link up and share with everyone else your ups and downs, current weight (if you want to) and other progress notes, and words of wisdom for that week's topic.

The rules for linking up are simple.......write your blog post,
and be sure to include my button (grab the link below).
Then, head back here and link your post at the bottom of this one!
It's easy, and I'm not too picky on what you post about......I want to hear YOUR thoughts on fitness, diet, exercise, and healthy living!
 I'll have a different "topic of interest" each week, but you can really write about whatever you feel like writing and sharing.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

Positive: Sticking with my new diet regimen. Oh, and actually losing weight! Yay!
Negative: I have yet to work out this week. Again.
Starting weight: 144.8
Current weight: 139.6
This week's topic: Tricks of the Trade
This week I want to talk about any tricks you might have for succeeding with a diet/weightloss routine.
You see, anytime I'm on a diet or simply just "watching what I'm eating", I feel like I need to treat myself most days. I mean, I give myself a cheat day every week or two, but besides that, most days I just want a treat that tastes good or satisfies a craving. So some tricks I've been pulling out lately are:

1. Diet or no-calorie beverages. Most days, drinking a diet coke or iced tea is so refreshing, and makes me feel like I'm treating myself, and I don't get diet-sidetracked at all!
2. Chewing gum. Okay this one sounds silly, but some days a stick of gum is all it takes! I don't count the 5 calories in my daily intake, but I do enjoy the flavor and it usually is enough to tide me over until my next healthy snack or meal.
3. Low fat or fat free popcorn. It's no lie, I looooove me some popcorn. At this point, it really doesn't even have to be a certain kind of popcorn! So, grabbing a 100-calorie bag of homestyle popcorn, or 99% fat free kettle corn can totally satisfy my craving.
4. Graham Crackers. Ok, another randome one. But have you eaten graham crackers lately?! I'm quite fond of them as a snack now, because of their low calorie and fat content. And, it makes me feel like I'm "cheating" just a little because they taste so good!

So, what gets you through a tough day or a craving?! What are your favorite "tricks" that you can share with us?!
Write your post, grab the button below, and link up!


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Some day (soon, I hope), I'll be confident enough to wear a swimsuit. I still won't be as cute as this little nugget, but I'm just fine with the spotlight being on her :)



amy@agoodlife said...

i ALWAYS eat something sweet after lunch & dinner. usually a reese's miniature or a square of break & bake cookie dough. but just one :) i look forward to it every day and don't feel deprived of something sweet.

BIG congrats on the continued weight loss, you are doing awesome!!

Raegan is my world said...

Great job on your diet. Keep it up.

Barbara said...

You're doing great Amanda!! YOU ROCK!

Wendy said...

I am loving this feature! I still want to participate, but things have been pretty crazy around here with school starting next week. You are definitely motivating me to get my butt in gear!