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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 4

Today marks one month of challenging myself to become a healthier me!
While I've faced some obstacles, and at times I've felt discouraged,
today I am feeling overall pretty good about myself!
I'm making changes that will last a lifetime......while I've chosen to use SlimFast to help me lose weight, I've been incorporating it into my daily life in a way that's helping me make better choices.
Smaller portions, healthier alternatives to my favorite snacks, not depriving myself of things I love......
these are all ways that I have helped myself lose weight, but things that won't leave me on a roller-coaster of weight-loss and weight-gain anymore!
The weight is coming off more slowly than I had imagined it would, but I'm realizing that's a good thing!
This week I'm not discouraged. Rather, I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far. It's not just about the number on the scale, but about how I feel.
And today, I feel pretty good! Thicker, Fuller Hair?! My new obsession!
Now, let's weigh-in, shall we?!

Here's the run-down:
Each week I'm going to share with you my ups and downs from the current week, my current weight and any other progress notes, and some words of wisdom.
Then, it's your turn to link up and share with everyone else your ups and downs, current weight (if you want to) and other progress notes, and words of wisdom for that week's topic.

The rules for linking up are simple.......write your blog post,
and be sure to include my button (grab the link below).
Then, head back here and link your post at the bottom of this one!
It's easy, and I'm not too picky on what you post about......I want to hear YOUR thoughts on fitness, diet, exercise, and healthy living!
 I'll have a different "topic of interest" each week, but you can really write about whatever you feel like writing and sharing.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

Positive: Making better choices, even on a "cheat day"
Negative: STILL not exercising. Boo.
Starting weight: 144.8
Last week's weight: 138.4
Current weight: 136.4
Total weight loss to date: 8.4 pounds
This week's topic: No topic today.

I just don't feel like talking today!
If you have great advice, a success story, or even something to say about setbacks, feel free to join in!
Write your post, grab the button below, and link up!



Barbara said...

I'm SO proud of you! You're doing so well and 8lbs is awesome!! Losing weight is such a roller coaster of emotions. You're so beautiful Amanda keep up all the hard work.

amy@agoodlife said...

you've lost 8 pounds??? that's AMAZING. but work out already :P

i'm biased... working out is my FAVE.

Raegan is my world said...

Amanda that is EXCELLENT. I need to hop aboard the weight loss train