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Monday, September 26, 2011


Were you wondering where I've been all weekend?! I'm sure that you were :)
While I'm pretty bummed that I missed out on a My Week in iPhone Pics and fun stuff like that, I was pretty stinking busy! Let me tell you.....

Friday night I got a new phone (switched from an iPhone that was on it's last leg to a Blackberry. I've had a Blackberry before, but I think any phone, no matter how cool it is, takes some getting used to after an iPhone). So I'm adjusting to that and figuring out how to take pictures with it. See?
Later Friday night I went to my friend's new house and helped her paint before they moved everything in this weekend! I was so excited for her, I didn't even mind the pink paint all over my fingernails :) Do you follow Hi, Baby?! You should. I'm sure she'll be sharing lots of home decor and DIY stuff as she settles in to her new house!

Moving on......Saturday was a lovely day, so my dad and I stepped out and took some photos after I cleaned my bathrooms and got some laundry started. (oh, you didn't know about our photography business?! Check it out here.) First up was my brother's adorable family:

We took a long lunch break, and I spent the time with my little the grocery store. You see, I had this plan to try out Once A Month Cooking. I wasn't going all out, I just wanted to make a few easy-to-freeze dishes and see if that won't cut down on our eating out expenses during our busy work weeks. So, $100 later we were on our way home to chop, chop, chop and cook, cook, cook!
I was only part of the way finished with my newest little big project, when I needed to take a break to go photograph one more family!
Aren't they sweet?!

And are you tired just reading this?! Yeah, me too.

Sunday was more of the same, just minus the picture taking part, and add in a little family time at the mall (thanks to the power going out and sabotaging my plans for cooking all day). The family time was of course my favorite part of the day. Ellie is talking a ton now and has so much personality, it's just so fun to be around her (even if I'm carrying her 20 pound self in the Ergo carrier through a crowded mall).
On Sunday I also had to work on some Etsy orders, which I'm still finishing up this morning. For some strange reason, I've gotten a ton of orders for mustache-ey things's kind of nuts!

To say that I had a productive weekend would be a slight understatement. I mean, yeah my feet hurt like crazy, too, but I'm glad that I got so much done!
As far as the Once A Month Cooking, the jury is still out. I only prepared easy meals (that's all I know how to cook!), so cooking day(s) weren't too bad.
We'll see how good the food tastes and how easy it is to pull it out, defrost it, and cook it......then I'll give my official opinion on Once A Month Cooking :) If you're curious about it, this website seemed to be really well organized.

So what's in my freezer now?!
12 breakfast sandwiches
2 turkey meatloafs
3 sides of mashed potatoes
3 meals of chili
(crockpot. made from scratch. pretty proud of that)
15 cornbread muffins
2 lasagnas
3 meals of enchiladas

I also have some easy-to-make meals in the freezer, like chicken stir fry (just add rice), and some steaks that are just waiting to be served up with the mashed potatoes.

Now, I just wish I could catch up on some sleep and fold the mountain of laundry
that has my name on it! Ha!

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stephanie said...

love the pictures! and that lasagna looks delish! our freezer is sooo tiny so it makes freezing meals darn near impossible!

Barbara said...

LOVE the pictures!!! I can't wait to see how your meals turned out....that's a great idea for a busy family.

I have a blackberry.......although I hate it SO much right now. I'm going to be switching soon.....hopefully! While I still have one we can add eachother to bb contacts and chat for freeeeee! :)