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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This big guy turned four this weekend. FOUR!!
I really can't believe how big my nephew is getting.
And, while he wasn't much for standing still for pictures, these two cute cousins seemed to love the camera (or maybe it's just the cupcake that they were loving):
Elliott is 20 months, and Zoe is 15 months
Zoe:"Hey cousin, that cupcake looks preeeetty tasty!"
Zoe: "Don't mind if I do!"
Ellie: "Hey, watch the fingers!"
 Ellie: "Let's assess the damage. Yep, there's still cupcake left for me!"
Zoe: "Num, num!!"
 Ellie: "Um, I think I forgot a piece.....oh yeah, there it is!"
Zoe: "Hey, leave some for me!"
 Zoe: "NOM!"
Ellie: "Cake?! More cake?!"

and then, she {snapped}
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Margaret said...

That was a rockin' cake!! And a sweet memory captured with the cousins :)

Anonymous said...

That cake is awesome. Happy Birthday to him. Cute photos of the cousins.

em said...

That's adorable! Good thing there were no tears!

Kiara Buechler said...

That cake is the coolest, I am totally going to do that for Dane, but with construction equipment instead of Transformers. I absolutely love Ellie's Seahawks shirt!!!

nicole. said...

omg hair bows. love.

and please tell me what is on that cake. i have a boy... i must know.

Kristi said...

The two of them sharing the cupcake... so cute!