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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, Fall!

I feel like just yesterday I was telling my co-workers that I couldn't believe that
it was September already! (It's pretty much a constant conversation that we have at work......"my, how time flies!", "wait, what month is it again?!", "Sheesh, last month just flew by!")
And now?! It's OCTOBER!!! How did this happen?!

However it happened, my favorite time of year is here! I seriously love fall!
I love the rainy, blustery weather (for now I love's only fun right after summer because it's new and different. Come January, I'll be losing my mind because the rain just.won't.quit.). I love the fun activities that fall brings: football games, hockey games, Halloween, pumpkin patches, apple picking (we're trying this for the first time next week.....I'm so excited!!). I also love the anticipation that this time of year brings: anticipation of Christmas and Holidays spent with family, anticipation of a new year and new beginnings.
Yep, it all happens in the fall. And now we are here! So, I'm doing my best to cram as much fall-ish stuff into my weekends as I can now. Life has gotten pretty crazy busy, and while I thrive on an over-the-top-to-do-list, I really just feel like slowing it down a little. I still have lots that I need to accomplish, and right now that means pulling all-nighters to edit photos, and sneaking in blogging during nap times so that my weekends are free to hang out with my little family. It's called balance, and while I constantly feel as if something in my life is unbalanced, I'm constantly striving to find the perfect balance in all situations. Usually a few areas of my life feel completely out of control, while there are a few that I've got a handle on.
There's nothing wrong with that, and I like to think that it keeps me on my toes!
Well, this turned out to be a lot more ramble-ey than I thought it would! Sorry!
What I really wanted to get to today was my favorite photo from September. That's the theme for The Paper Mama's photo challenge this week, and I thought it was a nice way to round out the month and ring in October.
I've shared this photo here before for Elliott's 20 month update, and I've shared it on my Facebook and A&M Photography's Facebook page. That's because it really is one of my favorite pictures of Elliott as of late. If you know Ellie, this picture totally captures her personality now. Super serious, but on the verge of laughing. I just love her!!
And, this photo reflects some photography skills that I've been learning from my dad......lucky me, I have an adorable subject who gives me just the right amount of challenge anytime I want to practice ;)
The Paper Mama
Hello, October! I can't wait to enjoy all that Fall in the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

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Wendy said...

Lovely photo! I'm very excited about Fall as well. You should see the amount of pumpkin flavored things I have in my kitchen.

Barbara said...

It's such a beautiful picture!

I LOVE fall! I can't wait for our cool weather and it may just come this week :)

stephanie said...

it's a great shot! I love how a single photo can capture my chicklets personality so perfectly. :)

Faith said...

this is SO cute!!! I'm really looking forward to having you in my photography class this month :)

nicole. said...

thats a great shot. fall. i have mixed feelings.