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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Gingerbread

I feel like I should write a lot to go with these photos, because tonight was one of those magical nights that I want to remember forever.
Scott was being pleasant, helpful, and just plain fun to be around.
Elliott was also pleasant, as well as cute, funny, and not throwing tantrums at every turn (in fact, no tantrums were thrown in the making of this Gingerbread House).

Tonight was how I picture every perfect and cozy holiday tradition to be.
But since they won't always be this glorious or cute, I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy Wednesday!



Kiara Buechler said...

Awww, what a fun night!

Seeing Each Day said...

It's interesting because your images came up on my screen before your words & I'd actually thought to myself that it looked like such a nice, fun night with people involved - and then I saw your words to the same effect. Such lovely captures, particularly your 4th shot which is completely adorable.

Em S said...

Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time! The house turned out marvelous!!

Susan said... sweet and what fun memories.

Look like she enjoyed sampling!

Merry Christmas♥

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Love it!! I was totally surprised when Bennett wasn't throwing fits during the making of our gingerbread house. I love it when children surprise you like that. And your house looks awesome, much better than mine. Ha ha.

Barbara said...

So sweet!!! I love every picture.....What a special night :)

Gina Kleinworth said...

Love seeing her face with an obvious mouth full of candy. That would be me-I don't think I would make it to getting the candy on the house :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Love these shots. We tried last year and it didn't work out.