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Friday, January 20, 2012


I feel like this entire last week has been a countdown.....My sweet sweet baby turns two in just two days!! Perhaps being snowed in had something to do with all of the time I had to sit and think, and if so, I'm thankful for that. Sometimes it's good to slow down, reminisce, think about the past and dream about the future.
My life has changed SO much since Ellie arrived two years ago. I think that I was always meant to be a mom, and even on days where motherhood doesn't look quite like I thought it would, I wouldn't want things to be any other way. I have everything I could have ever wanted because I'm a mom! 
Elliott has brought a whole new meaning to my life, and that's why we will spend this weekend celebrating. I cannot wait to share Ellie and celebrate her two years of life so far with all of our closest family and friends on Saturday. And on Sunday, we get her (mostly) to ourselves to celebrate some more. 

Birthdays have a whole new meaning when you're a mom.....I mean, thinking back to where I was and what my life was like two years ago? It's a lot to think about. 
I'm so grateful that God chose me to be Elliott's momma! 
So here's to a weekend of celebrating! Ellie's official two-year post will be up later....but I will be spending most of my time this weekend counting my blessings with my little family!


Michele Kovack said...

I agree with you about birthdays.....they are very special because the years with our kids move so fast! Mine are 16 and 14 and sometimes I can't believe I could possibly have children that old! LOL! so you have the right idea.....slow down and enjoy! Your daughter is absolutely precious!

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