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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics

I'm going to try and share a lot of iPhone pics on here again, like I used to! 
It's so fun......cell phone pictures are such a big part of my life, as silly as that sounds ;) 
I always always have my phone with me, so some moments are best captured with it! I'm just learning how to use templates in Photoshop, and I'm testing them out today 
(because obviously I need all the practice I can get! Ha!)

So here's a little bit of our week, documented in iPhone pics!
 Elliott is too cool for school......that's why I like to copy her and we wear matching socks ;)

 I ordered myself some leopard-print-sequined Sperry's as a belated Christmas present.....a little daring for my wardrobe, but I love them! Scott and I were entirely too amused by Ellie's adorable Happy Meal French Fries. And, Ellie's bed is getting a little crowded these days!

 Scott and Elliott couldn't be any cuter during pre-dinner playtime......and I'll leave you with E's new "Cheese face". Love.

I hope y'all are having a great weekend! I know I am ;)


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