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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics

Can someone please explain to me how tomorrow is Monday already?! I've been thoroughly enjoying a weekend of sweatpants and laundry folding, book reading and nail painting. But this news that tomorrow starts a new week? Kinda putting a damper on my weekend fun.

Anyways, here's a look back at last week. I'm going to try to make this Sunday afternoon last as long as possible!
On Monday I indulged in a little left-over birthday cake. Then we went to my brother's house, where the cousins always have a good time playing. This time, they even shared a chair!

Tuesday Ellie showed the world how cool it is to eat breakfast in your underwear. This was after I actually took the time to dry my hair AND put on's amazing what those few extra minutes of self-care did for my attitude!

Wednesday I finally got to break out the new Toms I got for Christmas. Elliott delicately sipped her bath water (gross!) and spit it back out.

Thursday Ellie loved playing with the sit n spin that she got for her birthday, and we all enjoyed Panda Express for dinner. Yum!

Friday was Elliott's 2 year check up at the doctor's office.....she was a champ for her shots, so of course we headed to target for some treats! I also got a much needed girl's night on Friday night. My husband kept me giggling with silly texts like this one while I was out.

How was your week? I know that the weekend is coming to a close, but I'm just not ready for another week to start yet! I would love one more day of lounging around the house....but I know that it's back to reality tomorrow!

If you want to share your cell phone pics from last week, visit Amy and grab the link so you can join in the fun, too!



Chelsea said...

Seriously-- she's such a doll!! :) Looks like you had a great week! I'm not too happy that tomorrow's monday either! This weekend went by too fast!

Barbara said...

Omg that text from Scott!!!! That's just hilarious and I could see Alex writing me the same thing!!!