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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Snow Day

Maybe it's just us in the Pacific Northwest, but snow is a big deal!
I get annoyed at the people who freak out over a little dusting of white on the streets, and I get especially annoyed at those who can't figure out how to SLOW DOWN when driving in snowy or icy conditions....and sometimes, I even get annoyed when schools shut down around here for less than an inch of snow. But if I'm being honest.....I LOVE the snow, and I am totally giddy like a school girl over this storm that's passing through our area right now! We usually get one decent snow apearance each year, and I believe this week we've got it. Today alone we accumulated 7 inches of the fluffy white stuff, and it sounds like there's more on the way tomorrow! 

We're pretty much trapped in our neighborhood, since the only two entrances/exits are steep, icy hills. (Trust me, we tried. Scott got stuck this morning and had to leave his car on the side of the road and walk home.) Since none of us do well when we are cooped up, we spent lots of time playing in the snow today. And tomorrow? We're planning a snowy walk to Fred Meyers to pick up a few things, and maybe even grab some Starbuck's for the walk home. Pretty exciting, eh?
Well, I think it's pretty fun and long as the snow is gone before party time on Saturday!



Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

I"m so jealous! We only got about 1-1/2 inches last week. :(

Amanda Michelle said...

such cute pictures amanda!

Anonymous said...

Love these. Looks like so much fun. Makes me want snow just a little bit.

Mama said...

Love these pictures, you are so talented!!