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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Interview with a Toddler v2.1

Ellie is 25 months old today! I promised myself that once she hit two, I would stop counting by the month. But, I just can't help myself. The 22nd is such a prominent date in my head (and heart) now that I can't let the day pass without at least acknowledging that my tiny baby is one month older. I'm sure that will change with time. But then again......maybe not.
Last month I started a little interview/video with Ellie that I want to continue to do each month. I call it "interview with a toddler". Well, I should have know, be it that I'm working with a TODDLER, that things wouldn't always go so smoothly. So here I am, trying to pick the "best" video clip out of the 10 where Elliott is running away from me, counting and naming things in gibberish, and just all around acting like a toddler.
I desperately want to document the cute things she says and the funny phrases she's picked up in the past month, but the second I bring out the camera, she turns into a goofy toddler mess. 

So, if you want to check out last month's video, click here.
And here's this month's interview:

All I wanted was a cute little interview and for her to show off some of her new skills: counting to 10 and talking in longer sentences. Oh well! ;)

At 25 months, Elliott, my mind is blown. You are smarter than I care to brag about (okay who are we kidding? I brag about you all.the.time), and oh so very active. Just the other day you showed us how you can now do somersaults......ummmm, where in the world did you learn that?!

You talk so much. Usually it's adorable and I love it......every once in a while I feel like my ears are bleeding by the time you go to bed ;)
You are the best little thing ever! I love how you say "bazinga" and "zoe's house?" randomly all day every day. I also love that you know your left from your right (sometimes) and that most of your pee and poop make it into the toilet these days (woohoo!!).
I pretty much love everything about you, in case you were wondering!
I love you, my tiny 25 month old!