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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Need Some Motivation!!!

So for about a week now I've had some grandiose plans of repainting the entire inside of my house. We moved in about a year ago, and even then I remember thinking how distgustingly dirty the walls were. We moved all the furniture in, got things settled and unpacked, and honestly vie just been a little busy the past year! :) Well, maybe the dirty walls are finally getting to me, or maybe elliott is just getting a little older and I actually have time to think now....but either way it is time!!! The paint has been sitting in the garage for a week now, and I'm still looking for the motivation to complete this monstrous task! Everytime Elliott lays down for a nap, I think about starting, but then I worry that she'll wake up early and I'll be stuck juggling a wet paintbrush and princess crabby pants. So Instead I busy myself with everyday tasks, life goes on, and the paint never leaves the garage. Well today is the day, just as soon as I find my motivation!

Elliott was asleep when I got home from work, so I got busy removing light switch covers and moving furniture. Of course Ellie didn't let me work for long, and it was time to play and cuddle with my baby. Here we are on nap number two, and I am still hesitating to actually pour the paint! There's dinner to be made, diapers to be washed, and then baby will wake up and want to eat. But the paint can will be opened just as soon as Elliott goes to bed tonight! I took some "before" pictures so that I can compare when I am all finished. I figure that mint motivate me to not only start getting paint on the walls, but to finish the task :) I can't post the pictures now, though, because it's too embarrassing. I will gladly post the before and after pictures once I have after pictures, because I think the difference will be amazing! For now, I'm off to cook some dinner, and wait for Elliott to go to bed :)

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