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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She's Still Sleeping!!

That's right, it is 7:48 a.m., and Elliott is still asleep! I think sleeping in may be her new thing :) Of course, just when I *think* I have her schedule figured out she goes and changes it on me, anyway!! So as much as I'm enjoying the fact that she's still sleeping right this very moment, I'm also kicking myself for not being more productive during this time! Yes, I do love sleep and no, I don't consider 7:30 to be sleeping in by my standards (what I wouldn't give for a morning to sleep until 10, hmmmm).  However, sometimes I do feel that maybe I should wake up before the baby, not with her, so that I can get some things done. I have been having trouble squeezing in workouts between play dates and work, and there's also this super-huge painting project that is sitting at about 8% complete. Yesterday when I woke at 7:15 and Ellie was still asleep, I went ahead and took a shower, of course she was wide awake by the time I got out which then made it difficult to get dressed and dry my hair! So this morning I laid in bed contemplating whether I should continue to lay there or actually get up out of bed and do something. Well I'm pretty sure you can guess how that went. Regardless of how my early morning went, I really would like (well not like, but need) to exercise and shower sometime before 12:00 so that I can get myself and Elliott out the door in time for work. I should also make a trip to Costco and/or the grocery store, but I'm not really seeing that happening today :) (I hear a baby babbling as I type....)

Anyway, the point is......I really should just bite the bullet and wake up at 6:00 when Scott does. Why does that seem sooooo early?!?! When I'm laying there in my nice cozy bed, getting out of it is the last thing on my mind!! If there's time to sleep, why wouldn't I stay asleep?! But then my little alarm clock wakes me up and I always (never fails) wish that I had gotten up earlier to wash bottles, start laundry, etc. Here's hoping that tomorrow I actually find that motivation to roll out of bed before it is absolutely necessary!! :)

Just for reading this rant/vent/musing, here's some pictures of Elliott :) Last night we spent time just crawling, rolling, climbing, standing before bed.....I'm amazed at how much she's changed in the last couple of weeks, and it was so fun just to play with her and watch how independent she has become! Enjoy!

She likes to "wrestle" with this pillow. Note the slobber :)

She loves Sophie!

A little downward facing dog....



I think this is her "teething" face


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