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Friday, October 1, 2010

iPod Baby

Today Elliott and I said goodbye to the sun. Supposedly today will be the last sunny day for a while (and by "a while" that means next June), so I took Elliott for a walk. We've been doing that a lot lately, and we both enjoy it. I'm sure going to miss taking walks once it starts raining.

Anyways, I normally put her in the stroller, but today I was wanting a little more of a physical challenge (but didn't want to actually run), so I put her in the front-facing carrier. And what a workout it was! Strap an extra 16 pounds to your chest, and you'll feel it in your core and your calves in the very least! It felt good since I haven't been working out much this week, but it's definitely not an every day thing :) I also tucked my iPhone into one of the pockets of the carrier and had the music blaring. I think Ellie loves music just as much as I do, she was swinging her legs and arms the whole time (although, isn't that typical of her?).

I feel refreshed after being in the sunshine, and just as we got home, the sky started to cloud over. As much as the sun can be rejuvenating, I'm not sad about seeing clouds and rain in the forecast! I love me some hoodies and jeans, Uggs and North Face :) This IS my favorite time of year, and now that the weather is cooperating, it's time to think about pumpkin patches, apple cinnamon candles, and cozy sweaters :)

Here's some random pics from this week:

Elliott being a messy eater

Mommy and Elliott :)



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