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Sunday, October 3, 2010


So I just have to write about Elliott's lunch yesterday (yes I should have posted this yesterday, but who has time for that with an 8 month old???). I wrote before about how much E loves finger foods, she's growing up too fast, blah, blah, blah. Well, yesterday we had another one of those moments, sigh!

I was working on a marathon baby food making session (more on that another day), and I started making some peas. Elliott hated the Gerber peas that we tried once, and I vowed never to feed them to her again. Well, we were at Costco buying fruits and veggies to whip up for her, and the bag of frozen organic peas was just too good to pass up. I don't even like peas, or well, I thought I didn't! Anyways, we bought the gigantic bag of peas, so as we are sitting in the kitchen debating lunch and the peas were cooked and ready for me to blend them up in my Magic Bullett, I decided we should at least "test" them and see if E likes them better than the Gerber ones. Before mashing them, I pop one into my mouth to see how hot they are. Surprisingly, I really like these peas! So I get the genious idea of just giving them to Elliott whole. She can "gum" some foods, but I've had a hard time finding finger foods she can eat since she is still toothless! Well, the peas were a hit, and I wasn't so super paranoid and let her eat them without thoroughly blending them :) I also tossed in some banana chunks, and she had a pretty decent meal of finger foods! I can't believe my baby girl can now feed herself, sheesh! Ok, well I did help her because things were getting entirely too messy and taking wayyy too long, but she could have fed herself if I were a more patient, and less type-A person. Here are some pictures to commemorate the day......

Here comes the food.....

I'm quite enjoying feeding myself!

For those of you who know me well, please note that the peas are touching the bananas!!!! I don't really want E to have the same complex that I do :)

Eating makes me tired

Messy baby. Why does the food always have to go in the hair?!

This weekend is already half over!! I've gotta enjoy some cozy, at-home time with Ellie today while Scott is at drill. We have mountains of laundry to fold and piles of food waiting to be cooked and blended for my baby girl! Happy Sunday!


1 comment:

JonasAxel said...

sounds like a fabulous day! i love looking at her and watching her grow up. she seems different each time i see her. good job mommy!