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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY Wednesday

So I'm going to try something new. I'm planning to post every wednesday about something that I have created, something "do it yourself". I'm not setting the standard too high just yet, "DIY" can include a scrapbook page, a project around the house, even just a home-cooked meal. I just think it'll be fun to challenge myself a little to use my creative energy in any way that I can.

To start us off, here is this week's DIY. I've posted before about my "little" painting project I have going on here.....well, today I'm happy to unveil my first set of before and after photos! I finished painting our bedroom and bathroom last week, and this week I finally got drapes, pictures, etc hung up and I am happy with the results! Granted this is not my "dream home" in any way, and I'm not even going to pretend to have any interior decorating skills, but I feel that on our tight budget and with my limited knowledge and skills in this department I have done a pretty good job :) I like our cozy little bedroom now, and it's almost motivated me to finish painting the rest of the house!

**Well, apparently all of my pictures have been deleted from our computer :( Scott did some updating and now I can't find anything of mine! I will post the "before" pictures if we ever find them, but for now here are the "after" pictures.....

So they really are much more impressive if you see the "before" pics, but oh well!


JonasAxel said...

it looks awesome! good job. Maybe I'll do the same but for Tuesdays. I made a delicous soup yesterday and even eric was impressed :) we'll be homemakers together.

uwmomma said...

Thanks :) you definitely should! You Martha Stewart you ;)