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Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I'm pretty much just sitting here waiting for this day to be over. I've had a horrible day, but I'm not really sure why. Scott wants me to just go to bed, but there's too many good shows on our dvr for that just yet :)

Today I just felt fat and frumpy. I know I'm not, but that's just the way I felt. I've been wearing my old jeans (as in, before Elliott) and i've been quite proud of myself for that. But they are quite tight, since I'm still working on the whole weight loss thing. Yes I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, but I still have a lot of work to do. My jeans are super tight, and i've been wearing them proudly since it's been over a year since I could even get them up past my knees. However today I just felt fat because of how tight they were. Then there's the sweatshirt I wore today......I bought it just after having Ellie, and now it's just big enough to look frumpy on me. Again, I should feel good that it's too big now, but today it just added to my grumpiness. Grrrr.....that's how I feel today!!

There's also been a bunch of junk going on at work that is wearing on me. Too much drama, and it surprisingly does involve me this time. I'm over it, and I just have to keep reminding myself of how much I love most of the people that I work with. I have a pretty great job most of the time, and I need to be happy with what I've got! However, we did have a potluck times, but potluck day is always quite dangerous! I don't think I ate too poorly, but the kinds of food that I ate sat very heavy in my stomach and made me feel even worse.

I was a grumpy mess by the time I got home, and I took it out on my poor husband. I've been super grouchy towards him all afternoon. Then to top it all off, we ate dinner at Five Guys. Bleh! Tomorrow is a new day, and I sure hope it's a happier one!! Now it's time for the Biggeset Loser and Grey's Anatomy, then bed :) Good night all!


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