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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch, Doll!

Yay! So today we (finally) headed to the Pumpkin Patch! I say finally, because I've been thinking about this for a loooong time! There are many big "firsts" in a baby's life, and I fantasize and plan to the T all of Elliott's firsts. I love fall, so of course going to the pumpkin patch was going to be a big one! I told Scott and our friends to be prepared: I was going to take a gagillion pictures :)

The day was beautiful for pumpkin picking, and it felt so good to spend time in the fresh air (before that inevitable rainy season comes to town). So Scott, Ellie, and I headed to "The Farm" in Snohomish with our friends Katie, Chase, Alesha, and Tallant. We had a nice little group, and it was fun to get warm drinks (it was sunny, but quite chilly), eat fresh kettle corn, watch the duck races, and of course, pick out the perfect pumpkin. Picking a pumpkin, however, turned out to be quite the ordeal! We had been warned that this year was not a good year for pumpkins. We got to the field and we were not surprised by all the green, moldy pumpkins. However, we trucked along and each of us found the perfect one to take home.

It was a great day, and I'm now enjoying that lazy, tired feeling you get when you spend lots of time in the chilly, sunny outdoors. Dinner tonight? Farm fresh kettle corn, homemade cheesecake brownies (well, from a box), and ice cream! Perfect!

E with a BIG pumpkin

Just the girls!

E and Auntie Katie


Can you see why I take a bagillion pictures?!

Lunch break for Elliott

Right before she fell over :(


1 comment:

JonasAxel said...

such adorable pictures..i'm so glad you're having fun experiencing these firsts...btw you look amazing. ( i feel like i always comment on ellie so i thought i would tell you you're beautiful too)