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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is This Mean?

Okay so if I have to ask that question, I probably already know the answer, but bear with me here. You know you've all wanted to have this happen.....

So yesterday I was driving down the freeway on my way to see Melissa and Stella, Elliott quietly playing in the backseat. I love having her as a passenger because I can always use the commuter lane :) So I've set my cruise control to 65 and there is no traffic. Things are just peachy on this stretch of I-5. Until, punk kid in a beat up red sports car that's so low to the ground it probably scrapes any time he sneezes starts tailgating me. First of all, he obviously has no passenger, so what the heck is he doing in the commuter lane?! Secondly, I'm going 65 in the HOV (NOT the left/fast/passing lane), there is no need for tailgating (really, is that ever necessary?! Get around me if I'm not going fast enough for you! Driving super close to my  bumper is only going to make me drive slower!). So I shot the  kid dirty looks in my rear-view mirror (I'm sure I really intimidated him! Ha! Maybe if Elliott wasn't in the car, then I really would have let him have it!), and continued the stare down as he finally changed lanes and passed us.

I was in a particularly good mood yesterday, and I can honestly say that I kept my road rage in check. Once the kid was well ahead of us, I didn't even let it bother me anymore :) Well, as we were approaching our exit (and a major speed trap), I start moving to the right hand lanes and I notice a state patrol turn on their siren and zip out from their sneaky hiding spot. I craned my neck because I just knew it......YEP! Ugly, beat up, lowered, little red sports car!!!! YES!! I think I clapped and let out a little yell! I can't tell you how many times I have seen someone do something dangerous, illegal, or just downright stupid while driving and all I could think was "where is a police officer when you need them?" I realize that our law enforcement have much greater things to worry about than the tailgating teen who illegally uses the commuter lanes, but today they were on my side! I got such satisfaction in seeing that! And then as I pulled off the freeway I wondered if it was mean of me to be sooo excited that this kid got pulled over? Nah, he totally deserved it :)


1 comment:

JonasAxel said...

of course he deserved it...punks!