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Friday, October 22, 2010

9 Months!!

Happy 9 Month Birthday, Elliott!!
I honestly can't believe that this little cutie has been with us for 9 months already!! Definitely need to get some plans in gear for her first birthday party :)
We tried to take our monthly pictures today, but without the help of daddy, it was pretty much impossible! We were having a cranky, crabby day anyways, and adding the stress of posing nicely for pictures was just clearly asking too much!!


I did get a few seconds to reflect on how much this little girl has changed in the last nine months (but really, with her new skill of tantrun-throwing, it was literally just a few seconds). Elliott is now crawling, cruising, eating baby food and finger foods, and oh so much more! She claps, squeals, and makes this cute little growling sound when she's excited and/or trying to get your attention. Today she even stood for a few seconds by herself (actually, she did that yesterday too, I wonder if she's going to be making a habit of this?)! I think about her all the time, and she's my favorite person to be around :) I really never could have imagined love like this before she came along!!




Mama Lungo said...

Hi there! I am a new blog follower from hi, baby. Just wanted to let you know that your little one is adorable! Oh, and we moved from Seattle 2 year ago and my name is Amanda, too!

uwmomma said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by :) I'm brand new to this blog thing, and it's so great to "meet" new people! Oh, and you've definitely got a great name ;) I hope you're enjoying this rainy, rainy Seattle day!