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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cozy Weekend

We had a nice, cozy little weekend here at the Pawlak home. Saturday was actually very busy, but so fun as we got to see lots of family and friends. Sunday, we were just a little busy, and we got to stay home for a good part of the day. How refreshing it was to be doing laundry, listening to Scott and Ellie play in the living room, with football on the tv, and pumpkin spice candles smelling up the house :)

This weekend we were able to carve our pumpkins, get some family photos taken, do a little shopping, have lunch with friends, celebrate 2 family birthdays, and see my precious niece be dedicated at church. I also finished all the laundry, made meatloaf from scratch (Scott has been asking for that for a long while), cleaned up the car and the house a little, and kinda sorta worked on some scrapbooking. I'm exhausted, but it was such a great weekend!

I'm glad I have today off.....I need a little time to recover from the weekend, AND I get a girl's night out tonight!! I'm so excited! I get to go see Lady Antebellum in concert with Katie and Alesha! Should be a great time, and I'm hoping to not be too exhausted to start the work week on Tuesday :)

I hope you all had a great weekend with your friends and family, as well! I know I took lots of pictures, because that's what I do, so I hope you can also find time to appreciate the special moments in life and capture them. These are the moments I will remember my whole life!

Ooops, I guess I forgot to get a picture of Ellie's pumpkin. Scott carved "EEP" into her great idea, since those are her initials and I think it's cute :)


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