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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY Wednesday

Well, would ya look at that! Two weeks in a row?! Feels good, and keeps me motivated to do something crafty/handy/home-maker-ish at least once a week :)

This week's DIY project was a simple shirt I made (ok, I ironed on) for Ellie. To most, this would be a super easy task to accomplish. But for me, challenged in all things craft and the best procrastinator there is, this one took a while. I mean, I had the iron on sitting in the closet for a year. A YEAR!

I bought it when I was still pregnant. I remember walking through the craft store with my mom, telling her that I had to buy it "because the baby will be Asian, get it?!" I laughed, and my mom just rolled her eyes :)  Well I did buy it, and I figured that some day I would buy a shirt or onesie to put it on, and that would be that. Here we are, Elliott is 9 months old and I finally did it! I found a plain white, long sleeved shirt for a few dollars at target, and late one night (that's when I always do my best work, late at night) I broke out the iron. I measured and leveled, and eye-balled until Scott told me to just iron it on already!! I think it's on there straight :/

I'm so excited for Ellie to wear her new shirt this week!


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