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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Wednesday!

It's still Wednesday, at least for a couple hours :) I've had such a crazy, busy day and now (7:43 pm) is the first time I've even sat down (well, except for work....although I did a lot less sitting than normal there today, too)!! The weather was gross and oh so rainy today, perfect for completing my most recent project: a photo wall!!

I've had this in the works for a while now. I bought a pack of frames at Target a few weeks ago because it was such a good deal. Ten frames for $25!! Okay, so they're very cheaply made, but for a project like this I don't really think the quality of the frame was so important. I mean, once they're hung up, they just hang there!! And knowing me, I'll get bored with this in a couple months and need to change things up anyway :) So I used the set of frames (minus 2 of them that were teeny tiny and had no bracket to hang them with) and mixed in a couple cute ones I found at Ross, and voila!

I like that it's a little random. That's good for me. I have most of my life so structured and organized, that chaos is good sometimes! I broke my own rules and mixed frames of different sizes, some with mats, some without. Some color pictures, some black and white. Some professional posed photos, lots of fun candids! I even hung them without structure! I just started throwing pictures up on the wall, without measuring or drawing a map first! Scott had laid out the level so that I didn't have to search through the garage to find it, and I didn't even use it!!

I was on a roll, so I changed things up in the living room, too. We had one lonely picture on this big old wall, but it had been needing some attention for a while now. So I took these three pictures (they used to be in the hallway, where the new photo wall is now located) and hung them up instead. They are in the exact same arrangement as they were in the hallway, but what do you expect? I need to keep something predictable and structured!

I promise they look more straight and properly lined up in person!

Winter is just beginning, and we're going to be spending lots of time indoors, so I'm glad I took the time to freshen things up a bit! Scott says there's way too many pictures, and most of them are of Elliott......silly boy :) I say you can never have enough pictures, and definitely never too many of our baby girl!


1 comment:

JonasAxel said...

too many pictures?? there is no such thing. i myself have the opposite problem and need to take a cue from you and print and hang looks great!