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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early Bird.....

This is what I did today.....

That's right, I'm wrapping presents already! We started shopping a while ago for Elliott's Christmas presents so that we didn't overspend, and so that we could focus on all the other people we still have to shop for, too. Well, we bought a few things and then just stopped! I've been wanting to get out there and buy a few more things, but I'm not sure if that's necessary. I figure really, this Christmas for her is more about the fun of unwrapping things than it is about what's actually inside the wrapping paper. So I decided that if I wrapped everything and it "looked like enough stuff", then we could be done shopping for her :)

Silly, I know, but it makes sense to me! She's got a couple books, some hand puppets, a fun gumball machine toy, and some clothes in 12-18 month sizes that I would have bought anyways. After wrapping it all, I think we have enough :) I'm sure I'll manage to pick up a toy or two more before Christmas, but for now I think we can move on! I'm glad we got her stuff out of the way early, now I just have to get creative and find or make stuff for the other 50 people on my list!!!

Anyways, every year I pick out two rolls of wrapping paper to use. Usually that's enough, but I might need to get some more this year, we'll see. I picked these out at TJ Maxx over the weekend (the plain red was left over from last year). I just love them! And there's a hint of pink in there, which is perfect for Ellie's first Christmas!

I wrapped away, and Elliott hung out and talked to her Jungle friends :) Sadly, I probably won't ever be able to wrap presents in front of her again! By next year I'll have to find time to wrap it all in secret!

love that dimple :)


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