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Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling Sentimental

Today I'm placing a long-overdue order with Costco photos :) I have a love-hate relationship with this new age of digital photography. I love that I can take a bajillion pictures in the moment and not worry about wasting film. I hate having to sift through all the pictures later and decide which ones to print. :( It's always a marathon session of pouring over pictures until I think my eyes are gonna bleed, and then waiting and attempting to multi-task while I upload them to my Costco account.

Sadly this time, I didn't even make it through all the photos I should have!! I ordered our Christmas cards (very cute, if I do say so myself!) and ordered prints for a project you will be hearing about in just a few days, and I ordered just a few pictures for scrapbooking. But really, I'm months behind on my scrapbooking, which puts me months behind in my ordering of photos for scrapbooking! Agh! Every month the file of photos on my computer grows and grows, making it all the more daunting to sit down and think about which pictures I need to scrap next, how I'm going to do the time I even finish thinking about thinking about it, I'm too tired or overwhelmed (or both) to sit down and order those pictures. Soon, I tell myself, very soon I will get my scrapbooking act together. I just need a solid few kid-less hours to collect myself and my supplies, review the works-in-progress, and I'll be on my way. I'm not gonna set the bar too high on this one though......maybe that day will come early in 2011?? We'll have to see :)

But in the meantime, I was browsing through files, reminiscing and just getting a glimpse of how far behind I really am, when I became very sentimental. I came across this:

Taken by my dad, just 6 days after Elliott was born. Sadly, I don't have the pictures from her birth saved on my computer (printed and stored online, yes, but not in my own archives), but I do have these very early pictures of her that I was browsing. I actually have this one hanging on the wall, so I see it everyday, but somehow looking through these pictures from 9 months ago really got to me! (um, I'll admit it, I've been struggling with baby fever hardcore for the past week or so.....) She was so sweet, and it just reminded me that she really has been this precious since the day she was born!

Then there's this one:

Mr. Michael (Elliott's cousin), was born just two months before her.....he's turning one next weekend!! I've been struggling with this idea ever since we got his birthday party invite in the mail. I really just can't believe that he's going to be one whole year old! I remember in great detail last Thanksgiving, meeting the precious boy for the very first time! He seemed soooo tiny, and a little orange :) and I've always loved taking pictures of him and Elliott side by side. (Mae, we're way behind on these pictures, we definitely need to take some at his party).

And lastly, this one:

Okay so my brothers-in-law in the back are a little distracting, and make me giggle every time I see this picture. BUT, the point is......I wanna look like that again someday (soon)!! I'm getting there, trust me, but I think this picture represents a time in my life when I was not only comfortable with how I looked, I was also happy with the way I looked! I'm fairly certain I will never be that tan ever again, but I'm slowly but surely losing all the weight I've gained since this picture was taken......and I hope to one day be comfortable with my body once again :)

Alright, back to reality. Baby is trying to help me type, and I have a mountain of laundry to fold.


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