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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Keep the Cheerios in the Bathroom

Yes, lately I just keep the Cheerios in the bathroom. Why not? I would just have to go all the way to the kitchen every morning to get them, when I really just need them in the bathroom! You see, our newest routine (I say that because every time I think I have a schedule or routine figured out, Elliott goes and changes it on me) is for Elliott to eat Cheerios in her johnny jump up while I get ready in the morning.

"Mom! Where's my Cheerios?!"

This combines her two favorite things in the whole entire world: Jumping and Cheerios! Seriously, this girl would bounce and jump all day long if a) she could balance well enough to bounce without the assistance of a johnny jump up and b) she didn't wear herself out bouncing and need to take a nap. Oh, but she'd also need to take a break and eat some Cheerios. For a girl who doesn't eat much, she sure can pack away those toasty round O's!

This does make for quite a mess some mornings......imagine, if you will, Cheerios flying in every direction as Elliott jumps like a crazy-lady. Messy? Yes. Entertaining? Definitely. AND, Rosco thinks it's Christmas every morning since he can just hang out in the bathroom and eat the Cheerios that jumped ship. Yes, Elliott gets to jump and eat an O here and there, Rosco gets a little treat, and mommy gets to dry her hair and put on make-up :) We're all pretty much happy campers here lately!

The one-legged jump while eyeing a Cheerio.

See how mch air she gets? This is no joke.

Winding up for another big jump!

Sometimes you have to hold on 'cause this is one crazy ride!!


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