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Friday, November 26, 2010

Not quite what I had in mind.....

This Thanksgiving certainly did not end up exactly how I had pictured it. It was yet another one of Ellie's "firsts", and I think I expected it to be magical or something. Ha! I expected to take pictures of her wearing a "baby's first Thanksgiving" bib (which I totally forgot to buy, shame shame!), dressed up all cute, surrounded by family, and chowing down on her first holiday meal. Instead, I ended up with pictures like this:
Baby woke up Thanksgiving morning clearly not herself.....she was cuddly and crabby all at the same time. All she wanted to do was sleep, and that she did.....on the living room floor.
We finally made it to Papa Mike and Nana Linda's house, and this is where Scott ended up. Poor guy has been sooo sick, and he pretty much slept Thanksgiving away.

I did get some fun pictures, and I'll share those too, I guess :) Overall our Thanksgiving was fun (although I'm sure Scott would beg to differ; he's still not feeling good). We got to see almost all of Scott's family, ate delicious food, and had fun watching the kids play together and Papa Mike sledding with the big kids. Later, I dropped Scott off at home to sleep, and Elliott and I headed over to my parent's house. It was a nice relaxing evening, we shared desserts and spent lots of time on the floor playing with the kids. It's amazing how quickly our family is expanding!


We may not have gotten the perfect nostalgic photos that I always strive for, but we had fun, and these photos reflect that :) I love all of our family, and I'm thankful that we got to share this special day with most of them!