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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Food!

Yum! These cookies have been talked about in my office at work for weeks! Literally. My boss brought in a holiday cookie and candy cookbook a few weeks ago to let us all drool over and make copies of recipes we wanted. I stuck a post-it note on just about every page of the book because I wanted so many of the recipes. Well, I was lucky enough to end up with a cookbook of my own :) and these Giant Spice Cookies were the first thing I wanted to make!


Mmmm :) Sorry if the picture is really big.......and sorry if it makes your mouth water! These cookies are SO simple to make (seriously, you use a box of spice cake mix, add some water, vanilla, molasses and ginger) and they will make your house smell yummy for hours!! They are quite big, but I made a small one for Scott and I to taste, and then I put the rest in the freezer as soon as they were cooled. I'm looking forward to giving these to people at Christmas time.

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