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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steppin' Out Saturday

Sorry, nothing creative for the title :) This last week(end) was so super busy!! We were busy with very fun stuff, but still, I'm exhausted! We had a few snow days (I still managed to make it to work, however), followed by Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and a fun weekend getting ready for Christmas! Not to mention the vomitting and diarrhea mixed in there. Sorry, I had to add that in makes a big difference on how holidays/weekends go!!

Despite the sick hubby and baby, we did get to "step out" on Saturday! We got to go to Melissa's place and play games with some of her lovely friends. It was so nice to have some adult time after spending days with a clingy baby.

And that baby tried to derail our evening! It was the first time my mom has ever called me to come get Elliott. She is always on her best behavior with others, so it's never been an issue before, but Saturday she was crying and screaming and downright inconsolible! The phone call broke my heart, and we turned the car around before we even got to the party :( BUT! Buzz Buzz saved the day! Buzz Buzz is Elliott's bee blanket snugly that we never leave home without! Grandma pulled it out, and Ellie instantly calmed down! We were able to make yet another U-turn and join our friends, and Grandma and Ellie got to have their night in together, afterall!

So here we are, me all ready to have adult time and play some games, and Elliott ready to spend an evening at Grandma's house!
Shirt: Mossimo, Target
Vest: Mossimo, Target
Jeans: iT! Jeans
Boots: Cowboy boots from Famous Footwear (um, time to go shoe shopping?!)

Onesie: Carter's
Hoodie: Baby Gap
Leg Warmers: Baby Legs


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