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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Because I'm Lame.....

Here is Ellie's 11 month post, just a week or so late!

I'm sure all you're going to hear about in this next month is the following:
1. Sadness that Ellie is turning one
2. Excitement that Ellie is turning one
3. Stress about Ellie's birthday party
4. Awesome plans/ideas for Ellie's birthday party
5. Crying because she's not a baby anymore

I think you get the idea....So now that the holidays are over, this is what you have to look forward to :)
I promise that the day after her birthday I will focus on things other than my baby growing up, her first birthday, etc. But until then, all bets are off!

So, we might as well begin with her 11 month pictures and stats. *tear* this is the almost-last set of pictures like this we will take!!! Ok, so that in itself doesn't make me sad, because taking these pictures is a royal pain in my patutie! I always manage to remember to take them when Scott is not home, leaving me to juggle a camera, papasan chair, baby trying to leap out of that chair, and little dog bouncing at my feet trying to see what the commotion is. It's a circus every time.


I'm sweating just remembering the workout it was taking these!!

Elliott is now well on her way to being one.....she's weighing in around 18 pounds, walking, and saying a few words (mama, dada, buzz-buzz, and sometimes puppy). She laughs now (finally), tries to carry things while she walks, and looooves music! She claps at everything (still) and now gets sad when I leave her (break my heart, why don't ya?!). She begs for food anytime Scott is eating, but often refuses to eat what I make for her. Rosco is quickly becoming one of her best friends, and he might even like her back if she could figure out how to throw his toy (instead of just holding onto it and waving it around.....very frustrating for the puppy, understandably).

There's lots more to say about my precious little almost-one-year-old, but I will save it for the coming month. I'm working on some fun ideas for her party, her scrapbook, and a one-year post. I'm excited about that all, and this is definitely a bittersweet time in my life. I love being a mom even more than I imagined that I would, and I love this little girl even more that I imagined I could love anything!


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JonasAxel said...

you are not lame- its such a hard transition, but trust me, it gets even more exciting to see them grow and talk and understand even more...