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Monday, December 6, 2010

It was a long night....

I'm pretty sure I finished college over two years ago, right?! I mean, I trudged through my final days of Senioritis, finished all my finals, walked across the stage in cap and I'm wondering why I was working on a school project until past midnight last night?! Oh, that's right :) because I love my husband!

I loved school. Something about taking notes, and highlighters, I just loved it. If I could get paid to go to school, I would! But I can't, so I don't. So you know that I must really love my hubby if I was willing to work on a project that wasn't even mine.....Not only do I not get paid for it, but I also won't even have a grade to show for it!!

Poor Scott......he had a group project that he's been working on for a few weeks  now. His group members seemed pretty decent, until this weekend. Scott had his own share of research and writing to do, but he was also assigned the task of actually putting the presentation board together. He had asked for my help last week. He said that once all the pieces were sent to him by his group members, he would love it if I could help him glue everything on the know, make it look nice. I was willing, if not slightly excited to revisit my school days :) That is, until Sunday rolled around, and no one had sent Scott their stuff yet. I got more and more irritated as the hours ticked by. Scott worked all weekend, so we already knew this would be a last-minute thing, but then 8:00 comes and goes, as does 9:00.....and my patience goes with them! I was mad for Scott, not at him. I was mad that others would be so inconsiderate and procrastinate on a project like this. When 10:30 finally came and so did the e-mails, we got to work resizing, printing, cutting, and pasting. We vented together about how lame his group members were (as I re-wrote an entire paragraph that an alleged college student threw together) and how irritating group projects are. We were up way past our bedtime, but we got it done! I really just wanted to leave him to do it himself, but he asked for help, and I knew he just wanted this thing to look good. Afterall, he put in a lot of effort, and I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to rely on a group when your grade is at stake. I'm glad that I stayed awake to help him. Here's the finished product!

Tired guy.

It doesn't look like much, but it was a good couple of hours of measuring, cutting, and pasting.

He was so glad to be done :)


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