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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lost and Found

Remember these boots?? Yeah, we lost one :( Being the type A and a little bit OCD person that I am, we rarely lose socks.....and up until last saturday I could say that we had never lost a shoe. Saturday we (I mean Ellie and I) went to The Lights of Christmas and had a great time looking at all the pretty lights! We also froze our little tooshies off!! So, once it was waayyy past E's bedtime, and my glove-less fingers were on the verge of frostbite (what was I thinking going without gloves?!), I was rushing to single-handedly get Elliott strapped in her carseat, juggle a cup of hot cocoa, load our crap stuff into the car, and get in and turn on the heat as quickly as possible. I guess in the shuffle, her boot must have fallen off and rolled under the car. I remember thinking at the time that we lost a shoe, but I was soooo cold and tired that I didn't care! Well, I care now, but it's a little too late :( Oh well......I guess this is an excuse to go shopping?!

I have no idea on this one. Ellie hasn't used a pacifier in, oh, 8 months?! So when this ended up in our diaper bag I kinda giggled. I mean, I really don't know where it came from! Ellie seemed really interested in it though, so I washed it off and gave it to her to see what she would do.....she loves to play with pacifiers, and is fascinated by them, but that is all. She doesn't use them "properly", and she doesn't need one, and for this I am grateful!! So, if anyone wants to claim this one, I will gladly wash and return it :) We know a few baby girls, so I will have to ask around!



melissa d. said...

that is stella's, omg haha

JonasAxel said...

that is sad about her boots but i agree- go buy new ones.