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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ball Poppers Are Dangerous!

I took this on my iphone last night, and I just couldn't resist sharing it! Elliott doesn't love her ball popper nearly as much as I thought she would, and maybe this is why?!

We are recovering from a 5 day weekend of playing, eating, and housework, with a little bit of family and friends mixed in. It went by way too fast, as do most weekends, but I think I'm prepared to take on this short little week.

I've already got half of our house decorated for Ellie's birthday party (which is not until Saturday, btw). Scott looked at me like I was a crazy lady as he asked "don't you think we'll have time for that later this week?" Yes, we would probably have time for decorating.......but I really just don't want to be stressed about the party (I've actually planned and bought stuff ahead of time, and the whole thing has been pretty enjoyable so far.....), and most importantly, I want to wake up Saturday morning and not have to worry about one thing except for hanging out with my Birthday girl! Her party is on her actual birthday, so I want to make sure we spend the morning showering her with love, and making special memories. I know she won't understand it, but I want that day to be special for her!

Alright, my week has officially more junk food, and  no more sleeping in (I almost did it this morning....7:30 is a start, right?!)

And since I didn't sleep in until 9:00 today, would you vote for us pretty please?!
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Raegan is my world said...

LOL...Raegan loves her ball popper.

Amanda said...

I did the same as you with Brynleigh's party. It was so nice to buy everything ahead of time and have it all planned out and we had hers in the evening and it really made for a stress free day. Hope Ellie has a great 1st Birthday!