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Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a Bunch of Lazies.....

My family (me included) is soooo lazy!! Lately, we've had a tough time with sleeping in, irgnoring our alarm clocks, etc. I wouldn't think that this would be a problem that most parents of a one-year-old would have. I guess in a way I'm not complaining....but then again, I feel as if my days just sort of escape me when I'm laying in bed until 9:00 on a weekday. I think that I would enjoy sleep even more if I went to bed on time, got up at a decent hour, and saved "sleeping in" for weekends or special occasions. Scott even sets an alarm (because he has a normal 9-5 job, plus college classes he needs to be at on time every day), and yet this week we still managed to oversleep. Twice!!! This has got to stop!

I used to rely on Ellie as my alarm clock. She would wake between 6:30 and 7:00 and I would get up with her and we would start our day. I would wait to shower and primp until she took her first nap around 9:00. Well, now the girl doesn't even get out of bed until 9:00 (or later)!!! Again, I keep thinking to myself that this is not a normal problem for new parents, and by saying too much about it I just might jinx myself.......but isn't it a little crazy?! Sometimes I worry that she's sleeping so much.....but then I remind myself that I should be taking advantage of this time! Shower, get ready for work, and finish some housework before she even wakes up! Then I could spend what little awake time I have with her to play and just be with her.

Honestly, this week it is my mission to get up no later than 7:00 each morning. (You can keep me accountable, that's ok!) I just kept telling myself that it was a fluke, and any day now she'll be waking up early again.....but that was two weeks ago! So, I'm going with the "my baby sleeps like a teenager" theory, and I'm going to take full advantage of that.......starting Monday! Ha!

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1 comment:

Mandy said...

Oh man, I wish Bennett would sleep in! He gets up between 6-6:30am every day. But I do know how you feel about feeling like you're wasting the day. I feel like that even though I get up early! Ha ha.